The Middle School French Program follows a method called “Bien Dit!” which has an easy-to-use format that allows students to learn this language and to achieve success in it. This program is interactive from the start of each lesson. Image-based vocabulary presentations introduce thematic context and provide a reason and motivation for using the language. Grammar presentations, accompanied by animated grammar explanations, helps the students achieve accuracy in their communication.

In addition to our thematic studies, we cover the conjugation of the present, past and future tenses, the possessive adjective, all other adjectives, adverb placement, negation, partitive and regular articles and sentence structure. This course enables students to speak French as much as possible using realistic conversations and dialogues place in a variety of settings. Many games are also part of the program to help the student enjoying the experience of speaking French. We use the SMART Board to reinforce the vocabulary and the book is also online allowing the students to work at a computer from the school and from home as well.