Lower School

Within a group setting the children respond to a variety of musical stimuli through song, instrument playing and body movement. Our curriculum accommodates the children’s responses and allows class materials to evolve accordingly.

Lower Elementary / Upper Elementary

The Orff-Schulwerk philosophy is the foundation for elementary music classes. Students build on the musical skills and experience musical concepts through singing, movement, speech, chanting rhymes and playing a wide variety of percussive instruments using Orff orchestrated musical pieces. The use of the Orff instrumentarium helps to develop the student's skill, musicianship, and growing sense of musical aesthetics. All children are encouraged to respect each other's efforts and learn to listen, observe, and evaluate their own efforts and musical growth. The study of music is vital to the appreciation and understanding of our culture and the cultures of the world. Through listening, performing, and composing, we create opportunities for our students to have a deeper understanding of music.

Our music lessons follow the 9 guidelines of National Standards for Music Education.

Middle School

Taiko drumming is the format we offer to the Middle School students in music classes. Our classes involve Taiko terminologies, discipline, posture, basic rhythm, traditional Taiko rhythms and Taiko choreography - capability to performing on stage. This unique format provides our students not only with instruction in Taiko but also with opportunities for building creative expression, self-esteem, cultural awareness, and group cooperation.

There are four basic elements in Taiko that must come together as one unit throughout class. They are:

  • KARADA: Discipline of body strength, power, and stamina
  • KOKORO: Discipline of mind, self control, and spirit
  • WAZA: Musical skills, physical expressions, and rhythmic expression
  • REI: Communication, manners, courtesy, respect, harmony, language, and unity of spirit

Our music lessons also follow 9 guidelines of National Standards for Music Education.

Ensemble and Chorus

Children in Upper Elementary through 8th Year join Chorus or Ensemble as an elective. Through weekly practices students learn the discipline of voice and instrument and perform throughout the year for their school community and at various local institutions.