Physical Education

Lower School / Lower Elementary

Twice a week children meet for cooperative group games and activities. The program’s goal is for students to feel good about themselves while learning about health-building activities and their bodies. At this level, activities focus on motor development needed for running, hopping and the transfer of weight while building skills. Designed to promote self-esteem and positive cooperation with peers, our program also focuses on building organizational and leadership skills.

Upper Elementary

The Upper Elementary students meet twice a week for 45 minutes. The curriculum for the Upper El has an emphasis on developing an awareness of team sports, rules, spatial and positional awareness. At this level the students are introduced to a mildly competitive after-school sports program in which they play against other small private schools in the area. The sports include soccer, basketball and softball.

The focus of class is to encourage and develop respect and awareness of others during individual and group cooperative activities. All students are encouraged to develop leadership skills through the cooperative games and team-building activities. Good sportsmanship and the development of a healthy approach to competition are stressed throughout the curriculum.

Students participate in annual physical fitness tests which measure flexibility, strength and endurance. Through these tests they learn how to improve their physique and overall fitness through proper diet and regular exercise.

Middle School

The Middle School students meet twice a week for 45 minutes at a time. The focus of the Middle School Curriculum is to prepare students for team sports or activities, which they can explore further in high school. In their classes and during activities the students learn about the capabilities of their bodies and how exercise and a healthy diet can affect both performance and participation in sports. Emphasis is placed upon promoting a positive self-image and development of a healthy approach to competition. All children are able to play at a level that is comfortable for them, and because the classes are coed and multi-age, students can also improve their skills by playing with other students who may have more ability in that particular activity. Emphasis is also placed on reciprocal teaching and peer-leadership during cooperative and team-building games.

Students participate in annual fitness tests and learn about flexibility, endurance and strength exercises, which can be improved upon throughout the year.