Student Support

The Student Support Program is designed to help two sets of students: those gifted and those with learning differences.


A team consisting of a Teacher of the Gifted, the Head of School and staff work with gifted students.

Team responsibilities include:

  • Identifying those students who may be gifted and recommending the appropriate evaluation
  • Working with classroom teachers to ensure a differentiated curriculum that promotes the right blend of challenge and support
  • Coordinating applications for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and the Summer Institute for the Gifted.
  • Consulting with staff at all levels to ensure the effective exchange of information within the school and with other schools, particularly for transfer and transition

Learning differences

A team consisting of a Teacher of Special Education, Head of School and staff work with students with learning differences.

Team responsibilities include:

  • Identifying students proactively for signs of potential learning differences
  • Providing referrals for diagnostic evaluations
  • Developing individualized student intervention programs for students identified with different neuro-developmental profiles
  • Supporting the classroom teachers and families