"It's special because I feel so comfortable here, it's like a second home. The trust is different here."  - FWM Middle School Student

"I love the Montessori philosophy. We moved to Newtown and entered FWM when my son was a 2nd year student and my daughter was just entering the lower school as a 3 year old. I never imagined how FWM would influence our family. At FWM children are respected in a learning environment that ignites their natural desire to want to learn. This method of learning allows them to think outside the box, values their mistakes while motivating them to do their best and rewards them with both higher level thinking skills and increased self confidence. Respect the inner child and the child will respect themselves and the world around them, it makes sense to me."  - FWM Parent

“I like that we learn with materials. We can research and explore anything we want! The kids are really nice. I like the hands-on environment and the ability to express yourself in a good manner. I like the creative ways of making reading responses. I like how we get lessons with layouts. The ability to work at our own pace.”  - FWM Student

"After a disappointing experience in first grade in our local public school, our eyes were opened when we were able to experience the difference that a small school and the Montessori philosophy had on our family. Being able to give back to our school community and ensure that this wonderful school prospers and grows is an honor.”  - FWM Parent

"It's special to me because the teachers treat us with maturity and trust which I find will help us further in life"  - FWM Middle School Student

"If I had the opportunity to do it all over again, hands-down I'd be back at Fraser Woods.  My kids are very different but they both had a meaningful experience at Fraser Woods. - FWM Alumni Parent

"The teachers trust us to do things that usually kids wouldn't do, which I think makes kids more mature."  - FWM Student

"What an amazing community. Everyone truly cares about the education and development of the children. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and inclusive. We will miss you dearly." - FWM  Parent

"I love the home enviornment. I feel protected within the walls even though it is school. This is like my second home, I feel safe."  - FWM Student

"It's amazing place to grow and learn. I was so lucky to be apart of this amazing world and family."  - FWM Alumni Parent

“I like that we have different materials. The activities are fun and cool and we don't have to sit at desks.” - FWM Upper Elementary Student

"Fraser Woods is nurturing and supoortive and prepared me really well for high school at Westover.  I love going back to visit." - FWM Alumni Student

"I couldn't be happier to have my two kids at FWM for over 4 years! The care and education given at this school is exceptional. (The) teachers go above and beyond to help ensure the well being of my children. Thank you for the wonderful experience." - FWM Parent

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