Lower Elementary Kids Dive into Fiction Storytelling

This week in class, the air has been buzzing with creativity as our young learners dive headfirst into the world of fiction storytelling. With pencils poised and imaginations ignited, our focus has centered on the foundational elements of character building and setting. From crafting courageous heroes to mischievous villains, the children have eagerly brought their characters to life, infusing them with personality and depth. Through guided exercises and interactive discussions, they are learning the importance of making characters come to life through descriptive details. Alongside this, they’ve explored the power of setting, painting vivid landscapes that serve as the backdrop for their adventures. They are learning about the setting and discovering the transformative power of time and place in shaping their stories.

Looking ahead, the adventure continues as we delve deeper into the realms of plot, conflict, and resolution.

In the end, it’s not just about crafting stories; it’s about embarking on a journey of discovery and creativity!

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Exploring the Magic of Montessori Math in Lower Elementary

Math, often perceived as a daunting subject, can become a magical journey of discovery when approached through the lens of Montessori education. In our lower elementary, the Montessori method transforms abstract concepts into tangible experiences, fostering a deep understanding and love for numbers among young learners.

At the heart of Montessori math lies the principle of hands-on learning. Instead of memorizing abstract formulas, children engage in concrete activities using specially designed materials. These materials, meticulously crafted to appeal to the senses and spark curiosity, invite children to explore mathematical concepts at their own pace. Some of Lower Elementary’s favorite versatile concrete materials are the stamp game and bead frames. Other beautiful materials we often see children working on are the checkerboard for multiplication and test tubes for division.

Montessori math empowers children to become independent learners. In a Montessori classroom, teachers serve as guides, observing each child’s progress and offering individualized support when needed. Children are encouraged to choose their activities, work at their own pace, and explore mathematical concepts through self-directed discovery. This autonomy not only enhances children’s confidence but also cultivates a lifelong love for learning.

Lower El Goes to the Symphony Orchestra!

This week, the lower elementary students had the opportunity to attend a performance by the New Haven Symphony Orchestra at Southern Connecticut State University, following their studies of orchestral instruments in music class. This experience proved to be both enriching and magical for the children, as they were captivated by the symphony’s performance and able to recognize the instruments they had learned about. The outing served as a culmination of their musical education, leaving them with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of orchestral music and inspiring them to continue exploring the world of music with enthusiasm and wonder.

Research Night in Lower El!

The children were so excited all week as the anticipation of Research Night crept up. They were thrilled to share their projects with people they love deeply. The third-year students had their first public speaking experience, presenting before classmates and families. They were amazing! Although it was optional, some second- and first-year students wanted to present to their peers, too! They were all so brave! The children worked diligently and should be very proud of their work, as are we.

Have a relaxing and peaceful spring break!

The Lower Elementary Classroom

Lower elementary classrooms are fertile ground for cultivating a lifelong passion for learning. With their boundless curiosity and infectious enthusiasm, young learners approach each day with wonder and excitement. Teachers have the opportunity to ignite this spark, fostering a love for exploration and discovery that will serve students well in the years to come.

Education extends far beyond academic achievement. It’s a time when social, emotional, and physical development are equally prioritized. Through cooperative play, group activities, and guided interactions, children learn invaluable lessons in empathy, communication, and teamwork. These skills lay the foundation for healthy relationships and emotional resilience.

Recognizing that every child learns at their own pace, lower elementary classrooms emphasize personalized instruction. Teachers have the flexibility to tailor their approach to suit the diverse needs and learning styles of each student. Whether through small group activities, one-on-one guidance, or differentiated assignments, every child receives the support they need to thrive.

Lower El Research Night Information

You are invited to Lower Elementary Research Night on Thursday, March 7th, from 5:00-6:00 pm. 

The children have been working diligently on completing their research papers, posters, and presentation boards. The third-year students and returning seconds have done an outstanding job mentoring the younger children during this process. This will be a ‘fair’ event where students will stand at their stations, and parents will browse around, stopping to learn about each project. After the fair portion of the event, the third-grade students will give an oral presentation to the group. The children are so eager to share their work with their loved ones!

We hope everyone can make it! If you know that you will not be in attendance, please let me know.

The Science of Suds in Lower El

On Wednesday, our school welcomed the Connecticut Science Center for an engaging presentation titled “The Science of Suds.” This interactive program took the students on a journey into the fascinating world of soap and water. They delved into the enchanting realm of bubble formation, exploring the diverse shapes they can take and experimenting with bubbles created using various gases. It was an enjoyable learning experience as we investigated whether it was feasible to pass a hand through a bubble without bursting it and attempted to place objects inside bubbles. Additionally, we discovered the technique for holding a bubble in our hand and even dared to see if a student could fit inside one.

As a reminder, LE students will celebrate Valentine’s Day in class on Wednesday, February 14th. We will decorate bags, pass out valentines, and have a celebration with snacks and activities! Please remember to bring in enough Valentines for each child in the classroom. There are 25 children in total. Thanks!

Research in Lower El!

Lower Elementary has begun research projects and has been immersed in research all week! Each child has been given categories to choose from, and everyone has made their choice. The students have been fully engaged in their chosen categories, fostering a sense of shared focus within the class. Each child has selected a topic, and this collective endeavor provides an excellent opportunity for older students to assume mentoring roles, supporting their younger peers who are new to the world of research. To initiate the projects, the students began by brainstorming what they already knew about their chosen topics and formulated questions to guide their exploration. This collaborative effort has sparked genuine excitement about their upcoming projects.

First-year students will make posters with information about their topics, second-year students will make posters and write research papers, and third-year students will make presentation boards, write papers, and give oral presentations. All of this work will be done at school.

More information will come about our upcoming Research Night on March 7th!