Here’s to Summer, Lower El!

As the school year ends, I reflect on the incredible journey I’ve had with this group of lower elementary students, who have brought so much joy and laughter into my life. It feels like we started the school year just yesterday, full of anticipation and excitement. As we bid farewell to another chapter, we celebrate the wonderful memories we created together and wish each other the best summer ahead!

We asked the children what they were looking forward to about summer!  Enjoy below:

Advay: I’m looking forward to camp!
Angie: I’m looking forward to my birthday, going to Niagara Falls, staying up late and watching movies and eating fun treats!
Carmen: I’m looking forward to Girl Scout camp, hanging out with my cousins and friends, going to Portugal and ballerina class!
Eleanor: I’m looking forward to seeing my grandparents and going to Girl Scout camp!
Greyson: I’m looking forward to reading a lot of books, going to the beach with my sister, and going on a boat!
Landon: I’m looking forward to going to my grandma’s beach house, Paris, Portugal, and summer camp!
Olivia: I’m looking forward to camp!
Rowan: I’m looking forward to going to Delaware and the pool!
Sullivan: I’m looking forward to my brother’s birthday!
Aya: I’m looking forward to ballet camp, swimming, watching TV, playing outside, and going to Rhode Island!
Lily B: I’m looking forward to summer camp!
Malcolm: I’m looking forward to battling my Dad in the pool and going to skating and kung-fu camp!
Nina: I’m looking forward to watching movies during my free time and maybe going to dance camp!
Marin: I’m looking forward to playing with my family and having a water balloon fight with them!
Samuel: I’m looking forward to my birthday, going to camp, and having sleepovers!
Wilder: I’m looking forward to going to the Adventure Park, relaxing in the pool, and going to Boy Scout camp!
Beau: I’m looking forward to having more free time to work on my tumbling and going to the Adventure Park!
Charles: I’m looking forward to going to West Point, swimming, sleepovers, and vacation!
Dante: I’m looking forward to going to Niagara Falls, sleeping in, and water balloon fights!
Gregory: I’m looking forward to playing football and camping with my sister and Dad!
Harper: I’m looking forward to going to the beach, drama camp, and traveling to Acadia, Maine.
Lily L: I’m looking forward to traveling to Washington state and Idaho, camping with my Dad, going to the beach and my first ever concert!
Luke: I’m looking forward to cooking camp and going swimming in my pool!
Mya: I’m looking forward to my birthday, going to Colombia and trying new food there!
Noya: I’m looking forward to going to camp and traveling to new places!

Cherished Friendships and Memories in LE

It’s incredible to think that we’re already here in June, with only a week left of school left! Even as the year draws to a close, the children’s enthusiasm for learning remains as strong as ever.

As I reflect on each child’s progress throughout the year, I am filled with pride and joy. They have not only grown physically but have also shown significant academic and social development. Witnessing their curiosity and determination, their laughter and friendships, warms my heart daily.

I am so pleased to see what a compassionate, kind-hearted, and unique group of students we have in the classroom. Each child’s individual journey has contributed to creating a vibrant, supportive community where everyone thrives. Their growth and achievements this year have been truly remarkable, and I am excited to see how they will continue to flourish in the future.

In the Trees with Lower El

The highlight of this week was an amazing field trip to The Adventure Park, filled with climbing, zip lines, bravery, and trust. Each of us challenged ourselves to try elements of the ropes course that were demanding and, at times, even a little scary. Every student should be proud of their efforts, not only in trying new things but also in helping and encouraging their classmates along the way. They worked together, with more experienced climbers assisting the less experienced ones. Words of motivation were offered when friends were nervous and cheers when their peers completed a course. These students exhibited outstanding teamwork. Bravo, Lower El!

Thank you so much to the wonderful parents who volunteered to chaperone; you were a tremendous help!

Lower El’s Web of Kindness

This is Lily and Beau! This week, we are writing the blog.

We did this fun activity called the Web of Kindness. The web of kindness works like this: You take a ball of yarn and roll it across the circle to someone and say what you like/appreciate about them. Then, they hold onto a piece of the yarn and roll it to someone else. You keep repeating that until everyone has had a turn. When you finish, there will be a web.

“I thought that it was fun and kind and silly because some people had to go under the yarn.” -Lily

“I thought it was a really good connection activity.”  -Beau

Lower El: Moving Up Day!

This week, we celebrated Moving Up Day! Our third-year students had the opportunity to experience Upper Elementary, while our Kindergarten students joined us in Lower Elementary.

One of the key advantages of the Montessori classroom is its multi-age groupings. This structure allows children to engage in a cycle of mentorship, where they transition from being mentored to mentoring others. During Moving Up Day, our third-year students embraced their roles as mentees in Upper Elementary, while our second and some first-year students took on the role of mentors to their Kindergarten peers. Witnessing students from different levels fully engaged and joyful while collaborating with their future classmates was truly heartwarming. Additionally, our first and second-year students demonstrated exceptional skills in planning enjoyable and enriching activities for the Kindergartners.

Sense of Community in Lower Elementary

There is such a great sense of community in our school. Within the class, the children love just spending time with one another. Every Thursday, we have community-building time in the outdoor classroom at the end of the day. The children play games, build with sticks, and get creative with friends. Most children play with different classmates each week, and, as a result, many friendships are being cultivated! I think that is part of the beauty of a Montessori classroom; the chance to collaborate with children from different age groups. Children of various ages, working together, will learn from each other, both as students and as teachers. Just as siblings learn and grow together, so do children in a mixed-age classroom environment! Our Lower Elementary classroom is very much a family!

In essence, a lower elementary classroom community is like a microcosm of society, where students learn essential social and emotional skills that will serve them well beyond their academic years. It’s a place where they not only grow academically but also develop into empathetic, responsible, and collaborative individuals.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day in Lower El!

Of all things, love is the most potent.
― Maria Montessori

In the bustling room of Lower Elementary, there are few occasions as heartwarming and joyful as Grandparents Day. On this special day, the classroom came alive with the laughter and chatter of children excitedly showing off their beloved grandparents and special friends. It’s a celebration of family, love, and the cherished bond between generations. The children enthusiastically showcased their work to their guests, filling the room with delightful energy and beaming smiles. Witnessing the children actively engaging with those who hold such a special place in their hearts was truly heartwarming. Grandparents’ Day is undoubtedly an event cherished by all!

Exploring Magnetism in Lower Elementary

The past week, Lower Elementary students entered into the world of magnetism! Here’s a glimpse into some activities we delved into:

Magnetic Hunt in the Classroom: We kicked off our exploration by conducting a “magnetic hunt” right in our own classroom. Armed with a magnet of their own, each child eagerly touched the magnet to various objects, carefully observing whether they were attracted or not. The excitement was palpable as they discovered that magnets have a special affinity for objects made of iron, steel, cobalt, and nickel. With each finding, they diligently recorded their observations, honing their observation skills in the process.

Salt and Iron Fillings Experiment: Next up was a hands-on experiment that everyone was eager to take off the shelf! In a non-metallic bowl, we mixed salt with iron fillings, creating an intriguing concoction. Wrapping a magnet in a cotton cloth, we held it just above the mixture, demonstrating how the magnet could attract the iron fillings even through the barrier of cloth. The children were fascinated as they witnessed the invisible force of magnetism at work, effortlessly separating the iron fillings from the salt with the help of the cloth.

It was wonderful connecting with all of you during the parent-teacher conferences! I truly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss each child’s growth and the unique contributions they bring to our classroom.