Parent Testimonial 4

My kids feel seen at Fraser Woods. With three children across three different cohorts in the school, the warmth and care of both the faculty and the classroom communities support each of my children individually for who they are and where they are in their educational journeys. And because of the confidence Fraser Woods nurtures my children are eager to rise to the challenge of and take ownership in their learning. We are so grateful our kids are receiving an education of both the mind and the heart.

Parent Testimonial 3

All 4 of our children have attended Fraser Woods Montessori; we could not have given them a better gift. Fraser Woods teaches to the student, not to a test. The school cultivates a true love of learning, and students are curious, engaged, and absorbed. Mixed grade classrooms foster a collaborative spirit and a strong sense of community. The busy, peaceful joy of an FWM classroom is everything that education should be.

Parent Testimonial 1

Since starting the Toddler class at FWM we have watched our son blossom; he has found a deeper sense of independence and we are regularly in awe of how the teachers are able to tap into his capabilities and foster them, making him confident in what he is doing. We are also blown away with the sense of community we feel there – “community” is not a buzz word that is used lightly at FWM, it is a philosophy embedded in everything they do and is palpable to the students and the parents.

Parent Testimonial 2

The teachers and staff at Fraser woods are not only kind and welcoming but incredibly talented and qualified. This year is my daughters’ (3yo) first experience in a classroom and she is already blossoming in and out of school while also making friends, building her confidence and of course learning. The curriculum offered is incomparable as is the security. We couldn’t be happier here.