Upper Elementary: Moana

The week started off with a thrilling victory for the basketball team vs Unquowa! The final score was 20-12 and it was a great team effort.

A few mornings this week we gathered together with the Lower Elementary to practice songs from Moana, Jr. Auditions took place Thursday afternoon and on Friday they learned their roles! The students should bring their scripts to school every day since we will be doing a lot of practicing in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout next week for an email with more information about costumes, props, and parts.

In the classroom we continued our study of timelines, specifically the timeline of humans. We concluded the week making sandwiches for the St. Vincent DePaul Mission in Waterbury. Along with the sandwiches, Mrs. Bashawaty delivered a check in the amount of $221. This was money raised from one of our morning cafes. Thank you Liz and Carol for helping in the classroom. An additional thank you to everyone who donated supplies for sandwich making today!

Upper Elementary: Yummy!

We kicked off our final week of February with a birthday breakfast on Monday. Then, on Tuesday the students successfully ran another Happé Café. They not only made sales inside, but also coordinated a drive thru service at the back entrance of the school. Some of the profits from this cafe will go to support those effected by the Australian wildfires. Thanks again for supporting the students through your encouragement, and of course by purchasing baked goods and hot beverages!

We are all getting very excited for our upcoming production of Moana Jr. in May. The children will be learning their parts next week and we have already begun singing the songs together in class. If you would like to access the songs for your child to practice, please click on this link.

Upper Elementary: Readers and Writers

Although we had a slightly shorter week, we were very productive. Students had an opportunity to peruse some new books I brought in from the local library to support their informational writing. During our reading lessons we discussed nonfiction text structure. Then, the students worked in teams of two to locate information writing and narrative writing in nonfiction hybrid texts. In preparation of our plan to make a timeline of early humans, the students began their own timelines of important life events. We discussed proper scale and measurement as part of the prep work.


Upper Elementary: Eli Whitney Museum

We had a short, but fun-filled week of school. On Wednesday, we visited the Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, CT. The students learned about light and color through a hands on investigation titled, “Blended Lights.” They each constructed their own blended light project and tested different combinations of red, green, and blue lights. After constructing their light project they made shadow puppets to test the light combinations again. When we returned to school the children designed their Valentine’s bags and shared valentines with each other.

Upper Elementary: Ancestry

This week we wrapped up our family ancestry studies at Research Night. The students did a wonderful job preparing and presenting their family history. This project was a perfect compliment to our history studies that focused on our closest living relatives and our closest fossil relatives. I hope this sparked an interest in your child to continue to find out more about their family and pass along what they learned to future generations. Thanks again for your support throughout the research process!

Upper Elementary: A Routine Week

This week we returned to our regular morning work cycle routine with a variety of lessons. But before we could do that we celebrated the January birthdays with a birthday breakfast of bagels, strawberries, and yogurt. Students created bar graphs based on their heart rate data from last week’s respiration lesson. During Writers Workshop, everyone worked on information writing based on a topic of interest. Preparations for Research Night (February 6 @ 6:30) are coming along nicely. Presentations should be finalized by Monday and then the students will use class time each day to practice their presentation.

Upper Elementary: Circulation

This week we took a detour from our regular morning routine as the students took the CTP5 test. They persevered and did their best to work through each sub test. On Thursday we joined together for a vital functions lesson about the circulation. The students were shown models of an open system versus a closed system. At the end of the lesson they worked in teams to complete tasks and record their heart rate on a data sheet. These tasks included walking, catching, planking, jumping jacks, and a card game. Next, we will analyze the data to make connections between activity level and heart rate. The students were excited to complete this activity and worked well in their respective teams!

Upper Elementary: CT Science Center

This week we spent a lot of time preparing for research night which takes place February 6. On Wednesday we visited the CT Science Center in Hartford. The students had a great time exploring the exhibits and visiting the newest exhibit, Mazes and Brain Games. In between that time, we took part in a lab focused on electromagnetism. The students worked in pairs to create an electromagnet and then tested the electromagnetic power.