Mrs. Hood: See you later alligator!

As the school year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the remarkable journey we’ve shared. This has been a year filled with laughter, discovery, and countless moments of wonder as we watched your children grow, explore, and learn. It’s hard to believe how much time has passed and how much your little ones have blossomed.

It’s been a privilege to witness your children’s first steps into independence, their eyes lighting up with curiosity and their hearts expanding with new friendships. Each day has been an adventure filled with joy and the purest expressions of childhood.

From the moment we began our mornings together, your children brought an energy and enthusiasm that made every day special. Whether it was mastering a new skill, discovering the magic in everyday objects, or simply sharing a giggle with a friend, their progress has been a testament to the power of exploration and the nurturing environment we strive to provide.

We’ve celebrated many milestones this year. The excitement of learning to pour their own water, the pride in completing a puzzle, the joy of storytime, and the contentment found in quiet moments of concentration. These seemingly small achievements are monumental steps in your child’s development, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Our classroom has been a vibrant living space where your children feel safe, loved, and valued. They learned not just academic skills but important life lessons in empathy, patience, and respect. We have cherished each of their unique personalities and watched them form bonds with their peers, learning the give-and-take of social interactions.

To you, dear parents, I extend my deepest gratitude. Thank you for trusting us with your precious ones, for your support, and for being our partners in this journey. Your involvement and encouragement have been crucial in making this year so successful. We appreciate your dedication and the love you pour into your children’s lives.

As we part ways for the summer, I want to leave you with this thought: the progress your children have made this year is just the beginning. Their potential is boundless, and I am confident that they will continue to thrive and amaze you. Continue to nurture their curiosity, celebrate their achievements, and, most importantly, enjoy the beautiful journey of watching them grow.

Thank you for allowing Mollie and me to be a part of your child’s early education. It has been an honor and a joy. I wish you all a summer filled with sunshine, laughter, and cherished moments with your little ones.

Enjoy the pics from our two last birthday celebrations this week and the contrasting pictures of the first weeks and the last weeks of school of your child in our Toddler program!

With warmest regards,

Mrs. Hood and Ms. Mollie

Mrs. Wilson: The Ending of a Beautiful Year!

As we reach the end of another year in our classroom, it’s a time for reflection and celebration. Watching your little ones explore and discover the world around them has been a true Montessori journey filled with wonder and growth.

Just like Maria Montessori envisioned, our time together has followed the natural rhythm of development, guided by the principle of “follow the child.” Each moment has been an opportunity for your child to engage with materials, follow their interests, and cultivate a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

We’ve seen their independence blossom, their concentration deepen, and their sense of belonging within our Montessori community strengthen. They’ve embraced challenges with courage and approached each new experience with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

As we prepare to say goodbye for now, let’s treasure the memories we’ve created together and honor the growth we’ve witnessed in each child. May the foundation laid in our Montessori classroom continue to nurture their natural love for learning and guide them on their journey of self-discovery.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s Montessori education. Wishing you all a summer filled with exploration, discovery, and joyful moments with your little ones

Much Love,

Cynthia and Sara

Mrs. Sargeant: Summer is here!

I guess it’s true what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” What an incredible school year we have had with your children. Thank you! We feel so lucky to have spent our days with such an incredible bunch of kids. They have kept us on our toes, made us laugh, and reminded us how fortunate we are to be a part of their first school experience. The transformation in toddlers is so amazing to witness during the course of the school year. 

It has been a busy week. The squirrels continue to eat from our birdfeeder. We witnessed what appeared to be a squirrel squabble over which squirrel was going to eat their lunch first. It is fun to watch the children’s reactions. Some children were concerned that the squirrels would take all the food from the birds. Others watched in awe, observing the squirrels’ every move. And others belly-laughed in delight as they observed. We really have so much fun!

We celebrated our friend Emma’s upcoming big move to Germany. The children learned that her family will take an airplane to their new home. We looked at photographs of Germany, and we ate pretzel bites (cupcakes, too). We told the children that when they miss their friends this summer, that they could draw pictures for them and ask their parents to send them, either by text, email, or mail. 

We also celebrated the last week of school by enjoying some orange cake pops that our friend Oscar so thoughtfully shared with all of us!

Another huge highlight of our week was that Margot became a big sister! We were all so thrilled to hear her news! Congratulations, and welcome to the world, sweet baby!

This is it, the last weekly update for this school year. Have a wonderful summer. Enjoy it because time really does fly! See you soon.

Peace & love, Christine & Lizette

Mrs. Hood’s class: Spreading wings!

The moment we had all been eagerly anticipating finally arrived! Our beautiful butterflies emerged, taking their time to strengthen their delicate wings. The children were enchanted as they watched the butterflies explore their surroundings, using their long tongues to taste the fruits we provided. Children happily worked on a special spring crown craft and decorated it with many butterflies for the big celebration!  When the moment came, we gathered together in the butterfly garden and gently opened the glass doors. We could almost feel the butterflies’ excitement as they basked in the sun and felt the gentle breeze, ready to embrace their new freedom. The children were in awe! It was such a special moment! One brave butterfly soared high immediately, while the other ones seemed a bit shy. With a small stick, I coaxed them gently, and after a few moments, they took flight, bringing smiles and laughter to your children as they fulfilled their destiny.

This activity always stirs deep emotions within us as guides. As our school year draws to a close in just a few days, we can’t help but reflect on the journey of our butterflies. Like those tiny caterpillars, we have cherished every transformation in your children’s lives this year. They have grown so much, blossoming into more independent, confident, and capable individuals. Observing their development has brought immense joy to our lives. We are profoundly grateful to you for entrusting us with their care and growth.

On the morning of Friday, June 7th, at 9:15 am, we will open another set of “glass doors” and let your children soar too! We will celebrate with a simple but sweet and meaningful graduation that we traditionally call the Crossing Bridge Ceremony.  You should have already received an email with details, but if not, please let me know. We hope to see you all there to share in this heartfelt moment.

In the meantime, we will savor our remaining days together, mastering new skills, discovering the world, laughing, dancing, and most importantly, hugging each other a little tighter, treasuring the little family we’ve become.


Mrs. Hood and Ms. Mollie

Mrs. Wilson: Culinary Adventures!

Last Friday, we were surprised to see all seven of our butterflies emerge from their chrysalises. We set them free since they all emerged just before the long weekend. I learned that butterflies like very ripe bananas. So, next time you have ripe bananas, you can place them in a garden area and see if you can attract butterflies.

This was a busy week filled with special activities. We started the week by having the children participate in a special keepsake project that will be revealed at the Bridge Crossing Ceremony. Next, the children celebrated our youngest friend’s birthday. On Thursday, the children had a special visitor, Ms. Lynne, who is Poppy’s Auntie. She came in to read a story and make strawberry smoothies with them. Lynne brought back a special book from Italy, which we all know as “Pinocchio,” and a special gift from her trip: beautiful wooden Pinocchio pencils. Lynne also supplied us with delicious sweet strawberries and vanilla yogurt. The children all had a turn to help prep the strawberries by washing, hulling, and slicing them. We then put them into the blender with the yogurt, and they watched how the strawberries blended with the yogurt to make a delicious smoothie. They all drank their smoothies from swirly animal straws, also courtesy of Ms. Lynne.

Thank you, Lynne, for all your support and for creating a special day with all the children.

This week’s food tasting featured a large, juicy watermelon. I hid the watermelon from the children and asked them to guess what it was. Some of their guesses included melon, sprinkles, pancakes, marshmallows, and pumpkins, all of which were good guesses. Then, we passed or rolled around the watermelon so the children could experience its weight.  Each child seemed to enjoy the juiciness of the watermelon. This week marked our final food-tasting session of the year.

Love and Light,

Cynthia and Sara

Mrs. Sargeant: A Peek at the Week

As we conclude the school year with our toddlers, we reflect on the joy and liveliness they have brought to every moment. Observing the emergence of four painted lady butterflies from their chrysalises, we were reminded of the incredible process of metamorphosis. This transformation beautifully mirrors the growth of our young students. Just as a butterfly spreads its wings for the first time, our toddlers are beginning to explore their world with newfound confidence and curiosity.

A visit from a squirrel to our bird feeder delighted our young students, who expressed their excitement with joyful squeals. Additionally, we enjoyed a food-tasting experience featuring sweet, juicy watermelon, which was a delightful treat for everyone.

Wishing your families an enjoyable week,

Christine & Lizette

Mrs. Wilson: The Gazillion Whys

In the first three years of their lives, children are in the Unconscious Mind phase, where they absorb information without actively questioning it. From age three to six, they transition into the conscious mind phase, marked by their curiosity and constant questioning of “why.” They are eager to make sense of the world around them and are actively engaging their thinking and reasoning abilities.

To nurture their inquisitiveness, it’s important to continually encourage their thinking and exploration. Help them find answers to their questions, engage in discussions about why they think a certain way, and explore answers together. It’s perfectly fine to acknowledge when you don’t have an immediate answer to their inquiries. So, as tiring it is to hear the word why, we don’t want them to stop asking questions. We want the children to become critical thinkers and always have that wonder.

Throughout this week, the butterflies slowly emerged from their chrysalids. The children were very excited to see them drying their wings and eating from a ripe banana. We also noticed that all of the ladybugs have hatched from their pupae. We took them outside to set them free. Maybe we will see them on the playground one day. The tadpoles are still tadpoles for now, but they are getting bigger. Hopefully, we will see them grow their legs by the end of the school year.

This was our last week of Spanish class with Senora Ray. We want to say Gracias to Senora Ray for taking the time every Wednesday to teach us Spanish.

Food Tasting: This week, we tried edamame. It was a fun experience eating them from the pod as some of the soybeans popped out. All the children enjoyed them and had multiple helpings.

Thank you so much for all the birthday love! I appreciate the lovely cards, flowers, and treats.

Cynthia and Sara

Mrs. Sargeant: A Peek at the Week

This week has been delightful. From our window, we spotted two pileated woodpeckers in the woods. We’ve been patiently waiting and quietly watching for birds to visit our new window bird feeder. We’ve seen a few cardinals, sparrows, and other beautiful birds waiting in the nearby bush, observing us as we observe them. One day, the children were absolutely convinced they had heard an owl. Their sheer excitement and awe were contagious!

This week, the children tasted rhubarb, and most seemed to enjoy its tartness. They also had a lot of fun simply saying the word “rhubarb.” We danced around the room as we listened to Laurie Berkner’s catchy song about rhubarb pie. 

We also tasted seedless mandarins, which every child enjoyed. The children were then free to choose the mandarin peeling activity. In addition to mandarin peeling, we had a cucumber-cutting activity available to the children this week since they were all so keen on the cucumbers we tried a few weeks ago. In our Montessori toddler classroom, the excitement around food preparation activities is palpable. With eager anticipation, children embrace the opportunity to take charge of creating their own snacks. This newfound independence not only fills them with pride but also nurtures their self-confidence. Engaging in these multi-step activities they not only satisfy their hunger but also strengthen fine motor skills.

Each morning, many of the children’s first order of business is to check on our chrysalises. We are looking for any slight changes and eagerly awaiting the magical metamorphosis that will take place.

We are looking forward to sharing our symbolic “Bridge Crossing” event with all of you on Friday, June 7th from 10-10:30.

Here’s to a reflective Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the extra day with your families.

Christine & Lizette