Air Pollution- How often does this come up?

The California fires have brought up many conversations in the MakerSpace. Students have discussed how we can help, why it’s happening, who’s doing something about it, and when will it will stop? A lot of the questions being asked we don’t have answers for.

One thing I have noticed about my students is their constant desire to help others and to help their future. These conversations connected to our class work where we are currently making “wearable” items/objects where thoughts of sustainability and our environment are at the forefront of truly making their future the cause of today.


Here’s a great visual of world-wide air pollution. Check it out!


Time outside!

We are enjoying the beautiful weather outside as much as possible. We know that rainy days are headed our way and are taking full advantage of our playground.

We have had several visits from our Community Service Volunteers over the past few weeks. FWM Middle School students devote one hour every six days to work with those younger than them. This is a pleasurable time for all involved as the children begin to see each other as an extension of their families and class communities.

3D Printing Saves Endangered Ecosystems

My students gain inspiration from every day occurrences. Sometimes they walk in the door with an idea, and at other times they need me to assist in lighting a spark. Below is a great announcement about advancement in 3D printing. Sharing news like this amongst my student community inspires my students to continue designing and prototyping their own unique ideas. Our slogan for my classroom, the MakerSpace, continues to be true every day… ” It’s All Possible”.