Upcoming Events

Wednesday, February 3rd, and Thursday, February 4th, 6:30 pm. – Middle School Virtual Research Night

Friday, February 5th Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary Research videos will be shared!

Tuesday, February 9th, and Wednesday, February 1oth – Lower Elementary third-year and Upper Elementary Students – Standardized testing from ERB – the CTP5 (Comprehension Testing Program fifth edition) Lower Elementary-3rd Year to 8th-grade students participate annually. Standardized testing in a Montessori school is viewed as a Practical Life experience. We do not alter our curriculum nor do we conduct test preparation exercises. We understand that a standardized test is only a snapshot and recognize that there is so much more to a student’s learning experience than one test can measure.

Wednesday, February 10th, 7:00 pm. – Kahoot! Trivia-Family Edition. Test your family’s general trivia knowledge against other FWM families in the comfort of your own home. Interactive and not to be missed!

Thursday, February 11th, No School – Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences 

Friday, February 12th, No School – Faculty Professional Development

Monday, February 15th, No School – President’s Day

Making: Like it Should Be!

Last week during our Lower Elementary class, each student experienced TRUE maker choice for the first time this year. With knowledge and safety precautions well rehearsed, these makers were ready for 60 minutes of uninterrupted time for creativity and discovery.

Since September, these students have had a variety of formal lessons about the tools and materials available in the MakerSpace. But this class was different… this class was what our MakerSpace is all about: a dozen students, doing a dozen different things at the same time! (LE is split into two classes for MakerSpace and Art which gives me and Mrs. Reid more time to have one-on-one lessons with each child.) Some students spent the entire class learning about or focusing on one topic, while others experimented with several different tools and activities. These young makers continue to work hard, go outside of their comfort zone, and inspire each other constantly. It is a breath of fresh air to work with such motivated and excited children.

Successful Ladies STEAM night

Earlier this week our STEAM teachers, Jennifer Reid and Danielle Ulacco, organized a STEAM Ladies’ Night event. Women in our community gathered to learn a new skill, create, and enjoy each others company. This hands on experience demonstrates a type of activity that our children learn during their participation in the Art Studio and the MakerSpace.

This event was made possible by an FWM family who is passionate about STEAM education and we thank them for sponsoring this event.

We are happy to share that each “techniGAL” went home with a completed, hand-knit, chenille blanket.

Mrs. Doyle’s Class: Happy Hearts!


We’ve had so much fun preparing for and enjoying Valentine’s Day. This week the children distributed notes and treasures to friends, decorated delicious cookies, and agreed that the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is about friendship and love.

May your hearts be happy!

Michelle & Jeannine

MakerSpace Donations Needed

A huge facet of our MakerSpace curriculum is prototyping. Prototyping enables my students to use their hands to construct, design, and imagine the possibilities of their creative thinking. We have been using our own resources and are extra thankful to community members who drop off recycled goodies. At this time we would like to make a formal announcement of what we are looking for. Please know that you are welcome to drop things off in the front entryway, or if easier you can donate in the back during pick up and drop off.

Lastly, please make sure all recyclable items have been cleaned and dried out before donating. Unsure about an item? Donate it anyway, we will gladly recycle it if we can’t use it!

Do you have resources, expertise, connections, or anything else that you’d like to share with our MakerSpace? Please email dulacco@fraserwoods.com


Upper Elementary: Field Trip

Our week started off with an amazing field trip to the White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield, CT. The students got to see live specimens during the first activity of the day centered around animal adaptations. Next, they used nets to collect animals for the pond study. These kids were expert frog catchers! Finally, after lunch they ended the day with a program about insects. Part of this program was spent outdoors collecting insects in small containers. They learned that insects have three body parts (head, thorax, abdomen), six legs, and antennae. In the classroom there is a buzz of excitement as many students are making game boards based off of books they read. Some students are using their time in the MakerSpace room to design the boards or make playing pieces. Our next culinary activity will be nut free pesto using the basil from our garden. The garden will get a makeover soon for the fall season, so be on the lookout as you pull through the back entrance to the school!

Mindful Lower Elementary

Each morning we start off our day with mindful meditation/movement. We often assume breathing is just a natural skill; everyone knows how to inhale and exhale. But breathing is more than that. Being aware of our breath not only helps us manage the difficulties of everyday life, it also helps develop compassion, empathy, and concentration. This is an exercise where children practice focusing on the present, instead of worrying about the past and uncertainties of the future. It helps us become aware of how we feel at a given moment.

For the past few weeks we have been preparing for our creation story with some science demonstrations. The purpose of these demonstrations is to illustrate concepts explored through the story of the creation of the universe. The creation story provides an impressionistic demonstration of the origins of life. The story is designed to impart a sense of wonder and awe, to instill respect for all that has happened, and to ignite interest in scientific investigation.

Happenings & Events

FWM Summer Camp is OPEN for REGISTRATION!  Weekly sessions for summer program offerings for Toddler, Primary, and Elementary age children.  Register online at MyFWM.org under PROGRAMS. Deadline to register is May 13th.

Elementary Play is this Thursday, May 9th – 7:00pm. Seussical performed by Lower & Upper Elementary students. Exciting musical for children of all ages! Tickets can be purchased here!

8th Year Expert Projects are Wednesday, May 15th & Thursday, May 16th – 6:00pm. 8th Year students culminating projects. This year’s topics include: White Collar Crime, Microsoft, Cognitive Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Nutrition, Tourette’s, Trauma Surgery, Racial Diversity in America, Racial and Gender Bias in the Criminal Justice System, Air Pollution, Child Education in Developing Countries and Major League Soccer. Each night will have different presentations.

Grandparents Day is Friday, May 17th – 8:30-10:30am. Invitations have been mailed to all grandparents with an RSVP date of Friday, May 3rd. The morning includes a light breakfast, concert and visit to the classrooms.