Mrs. Sargeant- A Wonderful Week


It was truly a wonderful week! The children seem to really enjoy each other. Their faces light up each morning when they are reunited, and they notice when their peers are absent. Observing the children help one another with various tasks has been heartwarming.

We welcomed a few Middle School students into the class as part of their “Social Impact” experience. The toddlers warmed up quickly and were fascinated by these role models. They seemed to especially enjoy looking at books and building with blocks beside their new friends. This is such a wonderful way to build community at our school. We’re looking forward to another visit next week!

We had a peaceful circle time to celebrate International Day of Peace. We sang ‘Light a Candle for Peace’ as we each “lit” a candle and took turns to hug our Earth pillow. Later, we joined the whole school on the field to sing the song together.

We celebrated a friend’s second birthday this week. Happy Birthday, Jaxxon! Thank you for buying a copy of your favorite Bluey book for our classroom library.

This week, the trampoline has been a big hit. The children are learning to take turns while waiting patiently for their friend to finish jumping. Outdoors, they’re taking turns on the slide. Most of the children now love our outside time on the playground. Some children enjoy discovering and collecting twigs and acorns. Others spend much of their time in the sandbox. This week, a few keen observers discovered an interesting caterpillar and a colorful beetle, and another group found a toad!

We’re excited to see what adventures next week will bring!

Mrs. Sargeant and Ms. Lizette

Mrs. Sargeant: Welcome!

What a week! The children have already become more comfortable in their new surroundings. They are becoming familiar with the daily routines and with each other. In just a short time, we have seen growth in the children’s interactions with each other. They are learning to communicate effectively and respectfully with their peers, and it has been very exciting to hear!

This week’s food tasting featured red apples. We discussed and examined the different parts of the apple: stem, skin, pulp, and seeds, and emphasized all the ways to describe the apple: red, crunchy, juicy, sweet, delicious, and crisp.

We’ve been enjoying singing together and taking turns to pop bubbles. ‘Five Little Monkeys’ appears to be the group favorite at the moment.

The children are slowly adapting to the playground routine. They are learning to walk in a line, using our rope, as we walk as a group through the halls all the way to the playground. This week, we joined the other toddler classes on the playground. By the end of the week, some children were eager and excited to see their new playmates.

We are thrilled to be on this enchanting journey with your children! This year will be filled with discovery, growth, and budding friendships.

Thank you for adhering to your child’s scheduled, staggered arrival and dismissal times. Unless your child has a sibling at the primary, elementary, or middle school levels, or you have registered for early drop-off, arrival for toddlers is from 8:30 to 8:45, and dismissal is at 2:45.

Wishing you all a happy weekend,

Mrs. Sargeant and Ms. Lizette