Mrs. Sargeant: A Peek at the Week

This week, we enjoyed strawberries as our food-tasting experience. Despite the children’s familiarity with the fruit, they were in awe as we cut the strawberry to reveal the white inside. We discussed the edible seeds on the outside of the strawberry and remembered that some seeds are not edible, such as those from an apple.

We’ve noticed since our seaweed tasting a few weeks ago that a few children have brought seaweed for a snack- and it sparks conversation each time!

We had the opportunity to expend some energy in the gym this week. We worked on catching, throwing, and kicking balls. A few children did a few laps around the gym. We discussed how running and exercise change the way we breathe and make our hearts beat faster.

We’ve also enjoyed some time outdoors. There is so much to learn through the senses – especially when there is snow on the ground. We particularly enjoyed listening to the sound of the snow crunching underneath our boots with each step.

We have been talking a lot about woodland animals, such as chipmunks, skunks, raccoons, and bears. A few of us have shared stories of encounters with these backyard critters.

Happy Birthday to our friend Kai, who we celebrated in class this week.

Please note that a handful of photos in this week’s batch are from last month but never made it into the post. I will share a funny song that we discovered by accident, which the children love. If you play it at home, I hope you’ll have the chance to see their bodies move and groove to the music as they listen. (We always listen to music on a speaker using Spotify, even though I share via YouTube.)

Also, for those of you whose children will be moving into Primary next year, please consider attending the Moving Up information night on Thursday evening, February 1, at 5:30 pm. It is a great way to gain more information about your child’s year ahead.

Happy and healthy weekend!

Christine & Lizette

Mrs. Sargeant: Let’s do it again! .. and again!

Maria Montessori emphasized the importance of repetition in a child’s learning process. Repetition is a natural and essential part of the learning journey for children. It is through repetition that children internalize concepts and skills, building a strong foundation for future learning.

Montessori observed that young children have a natural inclination to repeat activities that interest them. She saw this repetition as a way for children to master new skills, gain confidence, and refine their understanding of the world around them. Each time a child repeats a skill, brain connections are being strengthened. Skills can only be perfected through repeated practice. Our classroom environments are set up to allow for repetition, providing children with the opportunity to revisit activities and materials at their own pace. Repetition refines the senses, encourages focus, fosters independence, and develops confidence. In addition, when a child repeats an activity, they learn how to fix errors and will make small changes in their task to get closer to success each time. 

A few tidbits about our week:

We tasted a rainbow of carrots – orange, white, and purple! I wonder which color your child liked best.

We found shadows in the classroom and on the playground. Some of the children played in the snow and discovered ice in the buckets. We’ve learned a few Spanish songs and some new words. It was another fun, productive week! We look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday. Warmly, Christine & Lizette

Mrs. Sargeant: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We were all thrilled to see each other again,  relishing the return to school after a rejuvenating break spent with our families during the holiday celebrations at home. 

The children seamlessly re-acclimated to their routines, displaying a keen enthusiasm for their independence. Alongside honing their fine and gross motor skills, they eagerly engaged in learning activities encompassing colors, shapes, counting, the concept of opposites, and the Spanish language.

We spent the week revisiting their favorite songs and books, as they’d make requests for their favorites each day.

Ms. Lizette brought one of her favorite snacks to share with the class – dried seaweed! The children were eager to taste it. The majority could not get enough of the salty, thin, green, crunchy snack. Food tasting is a fun way to encourage the children to try new foods, in addition to enriching their vocabulary.  

We sincerely hope you enjoy the weekend. Stay warm and healthy! -Christine & Lizette

Mrs. Sargeant: A Peek at the Week

It was an eventful week! We had a birthday celebration for Spencer, and have been loving the book he shared with us; Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. We’ve been incorporating the song (on Spotify) into our daily circle time. It is quite catchy and gets everyone up and moving!

We found out that Kai became a big brother – we are so excited for the whole family. Congratulations!

Our ‘Pajamas & Pancakes’ party was a big hit with the children! The pancakes, berries and hot cocoa were devoured. We had a dance party, too. It was such a fun day!

We tasted ruby red grapefruit- both fresh and jarred. The jarred was a more popular favorite. Many of the children repeatedly asked for more!

We attended the school-wide holiday concert, where we were polite members of the audience – keeping mostly quiet and giving a round of applause in between songs. Their older schoolmates were captivating as they confidently took the stage to perform songs for all of us. 

We look forward to seeing all of you in 2024. Wishing your families joy, love, and good health in the new year. Wishing a very  Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!


Christine & Lizette


Mrs. Sargeant: A Peek at the Week

As you can see in the photos each week, the children spend a lot of time working with the Practical Life materials. These materials strengthen the coordination of small muscle movements, particularly in the fingers and hands. Developing fine motor skills in toddlers lays the groundwork for various essential skills they’ll need later in life. From writing and drawing to self-care tasks like buttoning clothes or tying shoelaces, these skills form the basis for many everyday activities.

Fine motor activities require precise coordination between the eyes and hands. As toddlers engage in activities like pouring water or threading beads, they refine their hand-eye coordination, which is fundamental for tasks such as reading and writing.

Strengthening fine motor skills empowers toddlers to become more independent in daily activities. Everyday tasks like feeding themselves, brushing their teeth, or getting dressed become achievable, boosting their confidence and fostering a sense of autonomy.

This week, we were invited to attend the Middle School’s production of Chef Showdown! The play was written, produced, and constructed by the 6-8th grade students. Our class was excited to walk down to the gym to be a part of the audience. 

Food tasting: We tried baby kale three ways. First, we each munched on a raw leaf. The next day, we tried homemade kale chips, seasoned with olive oil and salt (many thanks to Ivy’s family!) By week’s end,  some of the children opted to try the raw kale again, this time with a vinaigrette dip.

Wishing a Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate! May the festival of lights fill your hearts and homes with happiness, hope, and peace. 


Christine & Lizette


Mrs. Sargeant: A Peek at the Week

Last week, along with the entire school community, we ushered in the season of gratitude. The Middle School hosted a Thanksgiving celebration, symbolizing the spirit of kindness and unity. Students from each level, Primary – Middle School, presented The Story of the Four Elements and then, a group of students, teachers, and staff, shared cultural blessings of gratitude in the native language of that culture, before sharing the bread that was baked by all the students. Our class sat quietly, completely enthralled and excited to see the familiar faces of their middle school mentors. 

Special thanks to the Huttemann and Sabath families for generously providing all the ingredients so that we could bake banana-blueberry bread to contribute to the special gathering. The children absolutely loved the entire baking process – washing hands, mashing, measuring, mixing, stirring, sniffing, bringing the bread to and from the oven, and finally tasting the bread. (The children made muffins to share as a class, but we baked bread to share at the communal feast.)

A few favorites from the week have been reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you Hear? Reading, singing, and acting out I’m Going on a Bear Hunt, and singing  Give Yourself a Bear Hug by Stephanie Leavell.

Wishing you all a perfect balance of relaxation and fun this weekend, Christine & Lizette

Mrs. Sargeant: A Peek at the Week

Our class gathered with the other toddler classes this week for a Diwali celebration. Diwali is a five-day festival that is observed around the world, and its rituals vary by region. Diwali represents new beginnings and the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. It is the triumph of righteousness, knowledge in place of ignorance. Homes are brightly illuminated with diyas (candles) and oil lamps, and people decorate their homes with rangoli. People also often wear new fine clothes and jewelry and celebrate with family and friends.

Ms. Paromita, along with a couple of toddler parents, including Arhan’s mom, Supreeti, were dressed in traditional Indian attire and provided our children with a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of Indian culture. Our children were mesmerized by the sights and sounds! Ms. Paromita danced to Indian music in her gorgeous attire while the hallway was decorated with beautiful and meaningful items related to Diwali. 

Next, the children were able to taste homemade laddu (thank you, Supreeti!) and decorate paper diyas. We are so grateful to all who shared their culture!

The children tasted pomegranate at the end of last week, which most found to be a delicious treat. This week, we tasted both raw cranberries (a huge hit!) and homemade cranberry sauce (thanks to Jaxxon’s family!) The children were fascinated when we cut both of these fruits open. 

Wishing all of your families a healthy, restful weekend!

Christine & Lizette


Mrs. Sargeant: A Peek at the Week

The highlight of the week was our visit with Firefighter Bill from the Botsford Rescue Squad. We were able to see the firefighters’ gear and equipment and even climb into the truck! We talked about the different colors firetrucks can be, the parts of the truck (ladder, wheels, hose, steering wheel), and the loud sound the siren makes. This was a fun experience for our toddlers and a great opportunity to begin to instill a sense of respect and admiration for the brave first responders who keep our community safe. 

As part of our pumpkin-tasting experience, we cut and scooped the seeds and pulp from a pumpkin. All of the children were invited to participate in the scooping and to use all their senses for a full experience. Every child was eager to taste the pumpkin. We tasted both roasted and canned pumpkin. While the enthusiasm in the room was buzzing as they were being served, many of their faces changed after having a taste. I really wish we had been able to capture some of their expressions! Perhaps you’d like to try again at home .. maybe even add some cinnamon. 

We have been learning the names of body parts and what each part does and singing songs such as “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’, and  ‘Do You Know Your Body Parts?’ (You can listen below)

We’re loving our days with your children. It is truly amazing to witness their growth week to week. Thank you for entrusting us with their care!

Happy weekend! -Christine & Lizette