Middle School: Washington DC



Wow! What a trip! Memories were made, bucket list items were checked off, and blisters were popping. Here’s a brief rundown of our fun.

Tuesday: After a long train ride, everyone was excited to explore! We checked into the hotel and headed out for the National Archives Museum. Afterward, we enjoyed a yummy dinner from District Taco before heading out on our walking tour of monuments and memorials. Everyone was looking forward to this because students acted as our tour guides. In the weeks leading up to the trip, students partnered, researched, and wrote a brief blurb about the monuments: history, architecture, and significance. At each stop, we had the groups read their writing to the group. We saw the White House, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial.

Wednesday: A busy day began with breakfast at the hotel buffet and Capitol Hill. It was really busy due to the impending vote on the debt ceiling. First, Congressman Van Orden approached our group and introduced himself. Then he led us to an off-limits location in the front of the Capitol building for a photo op! We then had a tour of the Capitol before heading to the Supreme Court for a lecture about how it functions. We were able to sit right in the courtroom for the lecture. After lunch, we headed to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. That evening we went to Carmine’s Restaurant for an Italian dinner and then off to the Escape Rooms. Half completed a mission as 007 agents, and the other half had to destroy DNA samples of dinosaurs in a Jurassic Park theme. We may not have escaped, but we had fun trying!

Thursday: We had another incredible day at the museums. The first stop was the Hirshhorn Museum of Modern Art. The students really enjoyed this, and we were able to cover most of the museum. Next, we were off to the Spy Museum. This was a favorite for many. We were given undercover identities and had a mission to complete as we went through the exhibits. What a great, interactive museum! Finally, we headed to the Smithsonian Museum of Africa American History and Culture. We all wished we had more time here, as there was so much to see, from historical exhibits to music, education, sports, entertainment, etc. It would have taken a full day to see it all! Next, we went back to the hotel, and the students went to the rooftop pool. Then, they enjoyed pizzas until the pool closed for the evening. Next, a small group went with Mrs. Lamb on a 4-mile sunset run around the National Mall and monuments, and the rest of the students went to the National Mall in front of the Capitol for games. They played tag and frisbee until after dark, and the runners joined them.

Friday: Departure day! After a leisurely breakfast, we packed and cleaned, then had time for a quick walk to the National Mall. Some students stopped for souvenirs, then we played games briefly before our departure to Union Station.

Thank you for trusting us with your children. They were well-mannered, respectful of all of the sites’ rules, and made us proud. It was truly a trip to remember.

Mrs. Hood: Amigos!

Is it true? How’s it possible!? Are we really a couple of days away from ending our school year? It seems like yesterday when we welcomed the toddlers into our classroom! Your children have been working like busy bees from day one and have challenged themselves in every way. We couldn’t be more proud to see how much each of them has accomplished in different areas, one being great social-emotional development. It’s incredible to see the type of friendships born between them and how socialization has started to be very important to them. This is a great sign of growth!

At the beginning of the school year, it is usual to see a lot of toddlers parallel playing… children are aware of other little human beings around them, but they are not interested in really connecting with them. They might look into each other’s eyes, but as their thinking is still so concrete, they just seem more interested in the “little ball” with the nice color that moves, so it’s logical they decide to explore it. This is what we usually call: poking each other’s eyes. It’s common to see a toddler curiously trying to explore another child’s face with their index finger and the other toddler thinking he is just receiving something to taste. Yeap! We call that one finger biting! Ouch!

Thankfully the connection has developed, and as they have matured, it’s now common to see the children waiting for their friends at the door, inviting each other to play together, having logical conversations, joking and making each other laugh, hugging and verbally expressing their affection for each other. Amigos are the best!

As we enjoyed the last few days together as a little family, we spent quality time outdoors this week singing, walking, running, building, digging, chasing each other, laying in the sun, talking, and exploring nature. We also explored peas for food tasting!

We can’t wait for all the fun planned for the next few days. Thursday, 6/8, is our Toddler’s Water Day, and we will have our Crossing the Bridge ceremony on Wednesday, 6/14. Please refer to the email sent with all the instructions.

We wish you a beautiful weekend,

Mrs. Hood and Ms. Marissa

Lower El’s Week

The year is winding down, but Lower Elementary isn’t! This week the children were engaged in History lessons. The first-year children had the lesson of The Long Black Line. This lesson is meant to strike the imagination of the children and create a humbling feeling about the appearance of humans on Earth from the perspective of the vast amount of time that Earth has existed.

The second-year children had lessons on the Clock of Eons. These lessons introduce the sequence of events that resulted in the evolution of life on Earth, give the history of life on Earth, and introduce the interrelatedness of all organisms and the fragile balance that maintains life. Specifically, the second graders explored the Proterozoic eon.

The third-year students had lessons on the Time Line of Life. These lessons focus on the interrelatedness of Earth to those who live on it and on the evolution of life on Earth. The third graders learned about the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras of time.

Looking ahead, spirit week and field day are next week (6/5-6/9)! Check out my email for details about each day of the week!

Mrs. Doyle: Are You Ready For The Summer?

We asked the children what they loved about summer and /or what their plans were for this summer.  We hope you enjoy their answers as much as we did!

  • Ainsley:  Wants to eat lots of ice cream and spend lots of time in the pool.
  • Alex: Can’t wait to go to the aquarium with his Grandma and look at the sharks.
  • Angie:  Is hoping to take a lot of hikes on different trails with her family.
  • Bodie:  Plans to set up the pool so he can jump in all day long, then play in the slip and slide and finally make lots of s’mores.
  • Ella: Is going to New York to visit her Grandma for her birthday and then eat lots of cake together
  • EmmaJo: Can’t wait to visit her cousins in California.
  • Greyson: Is taking a 15-hour plane ride to St. Lucia and will go horseback riding on the beach.
  • Harper:  Can’t wait to go back to England to see her Granny, Granddad, Nanny, and Pops.
  • Isla:  Wants to go to the beach and some different pools because she loves to swim underwater.
  • Jonathan: Is planning to use his water blaster to wash his Daddy’s truck
  • Landon: Is looking forward to going to his Grandma’s beach house and walking 8 miles to the boardwalk.
  • Leo:  Loves to play in his water sprinkler all day long.
  • Noah: Is going to Disney to see Mickey Mouse.
  • Melina: Hopes to catch all different kinds of bugs and then let them go.
  • Olivia:  Can’t wait to go somewhere in New York (definitely not New York City, though) and have cupcakes with Granny for her birthday.
  • River: Plans to sleep 30 minutes later every day.
  • Saanvi: Loves to go to Florida and just spend time on the beach.
  • Stephen: Loves to take walks with his mom.
  • Tommy: Is looking forward to hanging out on his hammock but can’t take a nap there because the flies will land on him.
  • Zara:  Wants to have all of her friends over to her house to play all day long.

Wishing you a week filled with peace and love!

Michelle & Maria

Upper El’s Week

We have come to the end of our week of standardized testing, and each student managed the change in routine like a pro. We started each day with recess, followed by yoga and our chapter book. After reading each day, we took two tests, with a break in between. Although a bit unfamiliar with the process, students got better each day. This is the practical life reason we do this testing.

Standardized tests, by nature, have limitations. They focus on assessing a narrow set of academic skills, primarily rote memorization and the regurgitation of information. This approach fails to acknowledge Montessori students’ unique strengths, interests, and talents. The Montessori method encourages children to explore their passions, make connections across subject areas, and develop a deep understanding of concepts through hands-on experiences, aspects of learning overlooked in the standardized testing format.

So, as we reflect on these four days of testing, we are reminded that true education encompasses far more than can be measured by this assessment. Instead, we celebrate the unique strengths and capabilities of our students, who are poised to positively impact the world, armed with a genuine love of learning and a holistic foundation of knowledge.

In that spirit, we share three poems written by Upper Elementary students.

Pet Goose, by Virginia
My pet goose
Somehow got loose
And took my boat
To go for a cruise.

Then my goose
Met a moose
And when the goose
Saw the moose
Goose ran
‘Cause the moose
Screws were loose.

The goose
Left and
He went on a cruise
And then
I never saw that goose again.

Ice Cream Day, by Mia
Yay, hooray, it’s ice cream day!
All the kids come out and play.
And when mothers call for the kids,
Everyone knows what time it is.

Mika, by Lulu
furry, playful, cute
like a pirate she likes her loot
which is usually her beef sticks
she’s really crazy about giving licks
she likes walking in the park
she has a very excited bark
when she’s excited she wags her tail
when she’s at training class she’ll never fail
but sometimes she’s a lot of work
especially when she got hurt
but overall she’s a lot of fun
she likes to chase birds in the sun
once she jumped in a river
but not to eat gross fish liver
sometimes she will bite
or stay up to beg for food all night
sometimes she looks like she is dancing
and if she’s proud she’ll start prancing


Mrs. Semmah: Are You Ready For the Summer?

We asked the children what they loved about summer and what their plans were for this summer.  We hope you enjoy their answers as much as we did!

Simone:  I love to go to my grandma’s pool and sometimes to get tanned.
Jonathan: I like to go to Wolf Park Pool with my mommy and daddy. I would love to do swimming lessons.
Ella: I’m going to the lake with Soren and getting muddy. It can be so much fun.  
Ruscher: My favorite part about summer is going to the beach with my grandparents. 
Casey: I’m going to the Zoo and looking at the animals. I’m going to the playground and playing at my nanny’s house.  
Levi: I’m going to the pool and walking on the bottom of the pool. No one will help me, I will do it all by myself and swim with my mouth closed.
Elsie: My daddy will open the pool, and I’m going to swim all by myself.  
Charlotte:  Playing in my house and swimming at the pool.
Carter: Swimming in the pool because it is so sunny and I see lots of green trees.
Remington:  Swing with my daddy at the pool, go on the boat, and playing at the playground.
Lemon: Going to the pool, watching TV, and going to the playground.
Lucia:  I love having my birthday in the summer. I love pool parties too.
Oliver: Making a fort on the tree. 
Savina: I like summer. I like swimming at the pool, and I like the playground. 
David: I like summer, and I get to swim with my daddy and my family. I get to tan with my mom.  

Wishing you a week filled with peace and love!

Kaoutar & Sue

Mrs. Lopes: Are You Ready For the Summer?

We asked the children what they loved about summer and/or what their plans were for this summer.  We hope you enjoy their answers as much as we did!

  • Advay: Advay loves going to the beach.  This summer, he plans to build a garden and grow some fruits and vegetables.
  • Annie:  Annie loves to go to Arizona in the summer.  This summer, she plans to make bracelets for her friends.
  • Ayan: Ayan loves to eat ice cream and swim in the water.  This summer, he plans to take a trip to the beach.
  • Brisa: Brisa loves going to the beach.  This summer, she plans to help take care of her new baby brother.
  • Carmen: Carmen loves that her birthday is in the summer.  This summer, she plans to have a Mario birthday party, and she is going to go to Quassy.
  • Daniel:  Daniel loves going to the beach in the summer.  This summer, he is planning to search for seashells on the beach.
  • Desi:  Desi loves to play with water balloons and go to the pool in the summer.  This summer, Desi plans on having fun at Four Oaks summer camp and going on the giant zipline.
  • Eleanor: Eleanor loves just lying in the grass in a shady spot under a tree.  This summer, she plans to go to Legoland, Isle of Skoo, and camp at Four Oaks.
  • Evie: Evie loves going in the pool.  This summer, she plans to go to a summer camp.
  • Fiona: Fiona loves that she doesn’t have to wear a jacket in the summer.  This summer, she plans to go to Gigi’s house and play.
  • Isabella: Isabella loves to go to the playground.  This summer, she plans to go to Dickinson playground and the beach.
  • Jack: Jack loves playing in the sun.  This summer, he plans to grow flowers, have some snacks, and relax.
  • Kian: Kian loves swimming in his pool.  This summer, he plans to swim underwater in his pool.
  • Nava: Nava loves going on vacation in the summer.  This summer, Nava plans on playing outside and watching TV all day.
  • Noelle: Noelle loves going to the beach.  This summer, she plans to make sand castles at the beach.
  • Owen: Owen loves going to the pool and the beach.  This summer, Owen plans to travel to every state and every continent except Antarctica with his Dad.
  • Rowan: Rowan loves to go to the pool and the beach.  This summer, she plans to go swimming at Treadwell Park and build sand castles at the beach.
  • Sara: Sara loves going to the beach with her family.  This summer, she plans to go to a beach house in Virginia Beach.
  • Sullivan: Sullivan loves going outside and searching for rocks for his rock collection.  This summer he plans to go swimming in his pool a lot!

Wishing you a week filled with peace and love!

Amanda & Hema

Mrs. Wilson: Oceanographers

This week, our curriculum is centered around the vast ocean, providing a range of lessons that cater to different interests. The children seem to particularly enjoy our seashell table, which showcases an assortment of shells, coral, and a sea sponge. This interactive experience encourages them to explore different textures and shapes while listening to the peaceful sound of the ocean.

Watercolor painting is among the most popular activities, allowing children to choose between painting a sea turtle or a sea horse. Additionally, they love playing with our sand bin, where they can create miniature sand castles and various other creations.

We also said goodbye to one of our friends on their last day. We hope they enjoy their time visiting their family in their family’s home county. We sure will miss them.

Cynthia and Sara