Ya Terminamos

We’ve ended the year in Spanish with so many exciting things happening on all levels! This has been a wonderful journey through some challenges of returning to school during a pandemic, and some incredible growth worth celebrating! I am so grateful to have experienced all of this with the Fraser Woods Community. Throughout the summer, I strongly encourage children to maintain exposure to the language, so that the transition back to school is a seamless one. Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it! Here are some recommendations for continuing exposure to Spanish through the summer:

  • Primary: Read alouds on YouTube and songs by Super Simple Español can reinforce what we have learned so far (colors, shapes, numbers, animals, body parts).
  • Lower Elementary: Read alouds on YouTube and songs by Super Simple Español, directed drawing videos, podcasts or audiobooks, word searches. 
  • Upper Elementary: Read alouds on YouTube, directed drawing videos, podcasts or audiobooks. Students will also be bringing home a year’s worth of Scholastic’s ¿Qué Tal? Magazine and they have access to the eBook platform Flangoo through June 30th.
  • Middle School: Read alouds on YouTube, directed drawing videos, podcasts or audiobooks. They have access to the eBook platform Flangoo through June 30th. There are also age-appropriate shows on Netflix in Spanish.

Some websites and resources I have used throughout the year: 

Check out the music we’ve covered in our classes: 



Middle School

Approaching the End of the School Year

Another school year is quickly coming to an end. For those of you with children in toddler, primary and elementary, I’m sure you’re amazed at how your children have blossomed as the year has gone by. We share both joy and tears as our elder Montessori students move to the next level. 

As Montessori teachers we stay true to our traditions of celebrating the community and bringing closure to the school year by honoring the students’ achievements with recognition of the time spent in their current level.

For the parents of our graduating 8th years, you are probably filled with mixed emotions of joy and bittersweet sentiment as your child prepares to leave FWM and move on to high school. 

When I talk to parents, I often hear them say how quickly time “flies” and how it seems “just like yesterday” their children began their educational journey.  

With 8th year graduation, moving up, and bridge-crossing ceremonies planned for the week ahead, our students, their parents, and their teachers have much to celebrate!

I hope you spend time this long weekend celebrating your child and family. Please take a moment this Memorial Day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Virtual Art Show

We are thrilled to present FWM’s second Virtual Art Show! We invite and encourage you all to click through each of the icons in the gallery to see the beautiful creations done by the children. At the end of the virtual art show, please continue through the slide show to see photos of our young artists at work!

Mrs. Hood’s Class: Water Blast!

The big highlight of this week was definitely our water day! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! 

Our playground was set up in different stations so children could choose what they wanted to do. There was water ball basketball, fishing, boats, bubble making (of course),  finger painting, water paint roller,  and a super fun splash pad that brought so much joy and laughter to your children. After having a great morning in the sun we closed with a super yummy popsicle! 

After everything I realized that I didn’t take many pictures, but then I remembered  that it was because I was getting soaked and having a blast with all of them 🙂 I couldn’t skip the fun! 

A big thanks to all the parents and staff  that supported us in making this morning a success but specially to Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Sara for all their hard work! 

Enjoy a couple of pictures  and we hope you enjoy the nice long weekend. 


Mrs. Hood and Ms. Maria

Lower Elementary Field Day Mania!

The kids had a blast participating in field day this past Wednesday! In overheard conversations, it was the “best day of school ever!” Thanks to Mrs. Pascarella for coordinating and setting up such exciting activities that also involved team work, cooperation and good sportsman ship. Some of those activities include; sponge relay race, egg and spoon relay race, water balloon toss, potato sac race, tug of war, ducks in a pond, and pool kickball. I even had a great time capturing these moments of excitement and laughter.

Below are the themes for spirit week:

Tuesday, 6/1

Pajama Day

Choose your favorite, cozy pajamas

Wednesday, 6/2

Lower El & Upper El: Wacky Wednesday!

Different shoes? Funky hair? Come to school with any style you consider wacky.

Thursday, 6/3

Sports Day!

Wear your favorite jersey, or uniform!

Friday, 6/4

Movie Day!

Dress up as your favorite movie character! (No costume masks please)

Mrs. Wilson: Water Day Fun!

We couldn’t be more grateful for Wednesday’s weather. It was the perfect day for some Water Day Fun!!  The different stations available for the children to explore were, truck washing, water ball basketball, boats, fishing, finger painting, bubble whisking, paint roller with water, and the splash pad. The splash pad was the favorite well until the children discovered the finger paint and curiosity. After spending the morning getting soaked, laughing, and having an amazing time with friends, the children dried off and enjoyed an ice pop together.

Thank you Ms. Anne for letting the children use the splash pad.

The children all had an opportunity to create a “firework” painting. They used a few cut paper towel rolls and a wine cork to create the red, white, and blue fireworks. After they sprinkled on some glitter to add that extra sparkle to their masterpiece.

We started to introduce pond life to our lessons. Thank you Ms. Sara for the tadpoles for the children to observe.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Sara

Mrs. Lopes’s Class: Field Day!

Field Day 2021

We had the perfect weather for Field Day this week!  The children enjoyed participating in 7 different stations set up on the field.  Thank you Coach Pam for organizing this fun event.  We saw many smiles and heard “This is the best day ever!” more than once.  Enjoy the pictures of our fun filled day!

Have a great weekend,

Amanda & Sharlene

Middle School: Project-Based Learning

It’s our last full Friday of the school year in Middle School. The students have been incredibly busy and are ready for a well-deserved summer break. As we wrap up the year, students have immersed themselves with projects in many of their subject areas.

8th Grade Expert Presentations

A highlight this week has been the 8th grade Expert Presentations. These were the culmination of 4+ months of inquiry, research, organization, writing, and creativity. They wrote 5-10 page papers and gave 10-20 minute presentations to support their theses. A standout for this project is the interviewing of experts in the field of their research to give first-hand information. This year’s group was especially impressive for taking leaps of faith and reaching out to fantastic individuals. They ranged from chiefs of police to psychologists, jet engineers, therapists, professors, trainers, coaches, marketers, and medical professionals.

It is easy to forget that these scholars are only 14 years old; their quality of work and work ethic are beyond their years. They should be proud of their accomplishment! Now it’s on to graduation!

In math class this week all students are working on their end of the year projects. Each course has a different project to highlight their year’s learning.
The Pre-Transition class is creating a slideshow presentation to “Re-Teach” their favorite concepts learned this year. These students will re-teach these concepts to the class and have a corresponding lesson master worksheet to go along with their lesson.
The Transition class is building a Geometry City with linear equations for roads and 3D shapes for building. Students are learning the key concepts from chapter 11 and applying the formulas for surface area and volume to create nets for their Geomcity.
The Algebra class is using their learning from chapter 1-11 and creating a themed escape room that will be solved by their fellow peers. Students are asked to create a 5-room challenge that will utilize concepts such as slope, function notation, quadratics and polynomials.
The Geometry class is concluding their learning for chapter 9 and will soon begin to build real kites with the perfect dimensions and angles to demonstrate their understanding of congruency. We will then fly the kites in the field with the hopes of them being able to soar to new heights!

In Science, both the 6th and 7th year students completed their design and construction of their rockets as part of their respective units, Formation of the Solar System and Newton’s Laws. Students were able to observe how the difference in design of each rocket resulted in a different flight path/pattern. Some rockets deployed a parachute while others had a simple streamer when descending. All flights were successful in the sense of their launch, but not so much in regards to recovery due to weather conditions (wind). 8th year Life Science students performed an activity that modeled the use and application of the Peterson technique of mark and recapture in order to estimate population density of a given species. Students conducted this practice using marked and unmarked beans, calculating those marked from unmarked to represent an estimation of their initial population. Such techniques are widely used by wildlife biologists to estimate an animal’s population size for a large area.


Mrs. Doyle’s Class: Field Fay Fun


Field Day 2021

Field day was a great success!  Thank you Coach Pam for organizing such a fun event for everyone.  We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wishing you a week filled with peace and love.

Michelle & Lizette